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Hi! I am RU, a multi-disciplinary Virtual Assistant based out of the beautiful country Philippines and I provide business support to Entrepreneur/Business Owners to allow them to have more freedom and time to build their businesses.

Get to know me

I have been a Team Manager for over 10 years in a BPO Company for a customer service campaign. My responsibilities centered on people management, coaching, and mentoring, and had handled all sorts of vendors and customers. 

With my experience, I have developed strong work ethics, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and collaboration.

This year I took the first step toward a career as a Virtual Assistant thru an internship at Virtualasting. My internship has taught me a variety of skills, including Data Mining, Social Media Management and Automation to name a few. As part of the training, we learned how to use software like Canva, WordPress, ClickFunnels, and other tools essential for a virtual assistant.

Why work with me?

I do what I say. Clients get prompt answers to their e-mails, a live person on the phone and if I’m in a meeting, I’ll return client calls as soon as possible. I deliver what I say I’ll deliver within the time frame agreed upon or by specified deadlines.

I care about giving clients the best. I like to get things done on time and on schedule and I care about the end result as much as clients do.

I take a holistic approach to a client’s organization. Taking the time to understand a client’s vision, objectives, and work to create solutions that spells success for them.

I can do everything to help you get your business online and mobile

Virtual Assistance

Social Media Management

Website Design & Video Editing


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